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Fishing in the Round Part 4: Rigging for Fishing

By December 18, 2017January 6th, 2019Fishing, Roundabout Fishing
fishing in a round boat

Part 4: Rigging for Fishing

In this 4 parts series we have so far covered 360 degree fishability, the maneuverability, and the transportability of the Roundabout Watercraft’s line of round boats. But by far one of the funnest parts of owning a new round boat, is the rigging (for fishing)! If you have ever owned a kayak or similar polyethylene built watercraft, you have probably already done some rigging of your own at varying levels. Rigging the round boat for fishing is just as easy!

The Basics: Workin’ With What Ya’ Got

Fisherman driving a round boat near the shoreline with an electric trolling motor.

The round boat designed by Roundabout Watercrafts first and foremost has ample under deck storage space. This allows you to both organize all of your tackle and boating equipment, while leaving the flat deck clear so you can easily maneuver around (whether spinning in your seat or walking the deck). The boat also has 4 rod holders built in. These molded in holders allow you to place your rods in a convenient and organized spread around the crafts circumference. You also have 4 molded in cup holders that allow you to conveniently place your drink down (securely) no matter which direction you are fishing in. The boat also includes 4 cleats which allow you to both tie off or drop anchor with ease from any side of the craft.

Going Stealth

Another important factor for shallow water and still water fisherman is the ability to keep things quiet. The powerplant that is suggested for this specific need is an electric trolling motor, such as this one. The boat includes a true battery compartment which allows you to keep this installation clean and clutter free. The next thing you may want to consider is sound deadening the deck. For this, we offer a pre-cut Marine Mat kit. This is an easily installed item that gives you far greater noise control, as well as comfort under foot. Lastly, you may want to drop anchor- but leave out the “drop” part. For this, we recommend the shallow water anchor system from Power Pole available here.


Thanks to having so much storage space in the under deck compartments, many live bait fisherman convert one of them to a livewell. As a livewell, these compartments are sizable enough to carry enough bait for a full day of fishing. The creation of the livewell is great for those who love DIY projects. This conversion has been done many ways, but you can view one of the ways in the video below:

Bring A Buddy

Roundabout Watercraft’s is also the only round boat on the market that offers a two seat option. Thanks to our flat deck, this installation is a breeze. You can see the kit here, you can see it in action below:


Though the round boat can be plenty of fun for on the water recreation of any kind, it was really built with fishing in mind. We feel this unique fishing platform has its place in many fishing conditions and area’s. The design allows for you to customize it for exactly your style of fishing – with ease. If you would like to see what other Roundabout Watercraft owners have done with their own round boats, check out the Roundabout Watercraft’s Owners Group on Facebook.

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