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Fishing in the Round Part 2: Maneuverability

By December 4, 2017January 6th, 2019Fishing, Roundabout Fishing
Fishing in the Round Part 2: Maneuverability

Part 2: Maneuverability

We all know that one inherent ability of all small watercraft is to get into tight places, and venture into areas larger boats cannot. But an additional aspect built into the basics of a round boat, is the fact that it can spin on a dime. You might wonder why that matters so much, and I get it – let me explain.

When working above the water line structure, such as a network of docks – there is something to be said about being able to hug all of it from a specific distance and maintain that course. I have kayaked and been in small flats boats, and with them, there is a tendency to fit yourself in a spot, but once there- it becomes difficult to hold a pattern around these structures. This leads to missed opportunities in the spot.

With a round boat, you can literally adjust in increments with little to no additional effort. It is an aspect of the design that is “built in”. But more specifically, to be able to this in a confined space while working a specific path without any of the headaches of trying to do the same with a longer narrower boat.

Round boat being driven into a confined space

Couple this with the Roundabout Watercrafts stability, and you will begin to find this one aspect can make a huge difference during a day of fishing, or as pictured above, a day of working.

So, even though there are quit a few craft hat can wedge themselves through a tight spot, only a round boat can stop there, change direction, and continue moving along any defined path the operator is trying to hold- with complete ease.

Fisherman negotiating around a cypress tree area with a round boat

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