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Why a Round Boat?

By utilizing the ancient coracle’s basic principles and round boat shape, while adding generous storage compartments, a spacious level deck, and a flat bottomed hull to the small round boat, Roundabout Watercrafts has created a stable, lightweight, one-man boat ideal for anyone who loves being on the water.

The 360-degree open radius provided by this modern day skiff delivers an experience that is completely different than any other one-man boat on the market today. Our version of the small round boat will brave the elements and stand the test of time like the original coracle, while providing the ride quality, maneuverability, and modern day comforts no other one-man skiff can offer.

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Why Choose Roundabout Watercraft’s?

Roundabout Watercraft’s holds U.S. Patent #9540073 for our unique approach to the coracle based design that is found on our line of round watercraft’s. We offer more colors and more options than any other round boat on the market today. Our pricing is far below the competition!

With a Roundabout Watercraft you get more usable deck space, more usable storage space, the only two seat option in the round boat industry, a smarter bow design, smarter manufacturing methods, and so much more. Learn more by seeing this head to head comparison or continue through the site with the options below.

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Shop by Your Favorite Activity

The line-up of boats here at Roundabout Watercraft’s are designed to meet the needs of many different styles of users.

For fishing, our platforms accel at getting into tight area’s, comfort, customization, stealth, and organization.

For hunting, our platforms are designed for camouflage, silence, organization, storage, and to accept a wide range of hunting specific customizations.

For the recreational boater, these platforms will let you explore remote area’s, bring a friend, easy transport, and can offer you a wide range of comfort items for a relaxing day on the water.

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