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Fishing in the Round Part 3: Transportability

By December 11, 2017January 6th, 2019Fishing, Roundabout Fishing
This shows a round boat by roundabout watercrafts sitting on the hitch carrier which has been mounted to a hitch receiver on a pickup truck, front quartering view

Part 3: Transportability

One of the coolest things about small boats is the fact that they are easy to transport. It’s one of the benefits that many people rely on when choosing a small fishing boat. The Roundabout Watercraft is no different, and is the only round boat on the market with so many factory options available for transportation.

Before we dive into those factory options, let’s talk about the transport options that are available by virtue of the boat’s design in itself.

Carrying the Boat

We admit, if you want to lift this thing up and carry it around, bring a friend. This is also probably the least recommended transport method (there are so many more easier options available). The boat weighs in at 110lbs. To compare, let’s look at a few weights of various types of polyethylene watercraft:

  • Roundabout Watercraft: 110 lbs
  • Ultraskiff: 124 lbs
  • Beavertail Stealth 1200 Sneakboat: 130lbs
  • Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14: 144.5 lbs
  • Solo Skiff: 150 lbs

Dragging the Boat

One person can easily drag the boat, of course this would be recommended on soft surfaces to maintain hull integrity over time. The boat can definitely take dozens of concrete/asphalt drags without issue, but I wouldn’t want to damage this or any boat by dragging it this way. However, some sand, grass, wet grass, etc – all doable.

Rolling the Boat

This is one you have probably seen us show a few times, after all it’s a round boat – rolling is in its nature.

Load in the Truck Bed

The last of our non-accessory transport options is the most popular, the Roundabout Watercraft can easily be loaded into a truck bed by a single user. To best showcase this, here is a video:

(Notice the hand truck/dolly being used – this is another great way to move these boats around your garage and driveway with ease!)

Transportation Accessories Available

Over time, Roundabout Watercrafts has had some great transportation options custom fabricated to give our boat owners more control over what best fits them and their style of transportation.

The Trailer

This is a marble colored round boat sitting on a round boat trailer in a driveway

One of the very first options we created was the custom fitted Roundabout Watercrafts Trailer (details here). This is an all aluminum constructed boat trailer that was created specifically for our round boat platform. This is a ready to roll add-on that is complete with all lighting, step pads, hand winch, serviceable hubs, saltwater corrosion resistant construction, and one man can easily load and offload the round boat with ease. This allows for easy boat ramp launches, as well as an easy way to roll it around your own home for storage.

The Hitch Carrier

This shows a round boat by roundabout watercrafts sitting on the hitch carrier which has been mounted to a hitch receiver on a pickup truck, side view

For an even smaller footprint and designed for those on a budget, while keeping truck beds empty – or especially useful on SUV’s, is the Hitch Carrier (details here). Again, this is a custom fabricated platform that was made to last, be easy to use, and is again saltwater corrosion resistant. It also incorporates and easy on/off loading side, as well as a boat center anchor point for on the vehicle stability and security while in motion.

In the Roundabout Watercrafts Lab

The team at Roundabout Watercrafts is always working on new and innovative ways to help our customers with options to easily move and transport our lineup of round boats. Here is another great idea the team is working on:

That’s all for this part in the series, up next (and the final part in this series) will be Part 4: Rigging for Fishing (link will be added when ready)



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