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Small Plastic Boats

By July 5, 2018January 6th, 2019Boating, Small Boat Fishing
two roundabout watercrafts, the ultraskiff alternative, sitting on the shoreline. One is blue, one is a brown color.

Roundabout Watercraft is a fusion of ancient design and modern materials. The Roundabout’s ingenuity derives from the World’s oldest boat, the Coracle. Although these small boats may be making a comeback, they’re no trend, Coracle-like watercraft have been in use for centuries. These small watercraft were created with the angler in mind and are suitable for anyone who enjoys time atop the surf.

The British and Welsh are accredited with inventing this small round watercraft. However, archaeological records suggest that similar design principals were utilized from Tibet to the Americas. A small round vessel with a flat-bottomed hull has been found among almost every seafaring culture. Native Americans utilized a similar design, these boats were covered in Buffalo hide. Additionally, the Coracles were used in Tibet for crossing rivers to trade goods. Moreover, the Roundabout brings a Coracle-like design into the Twenty-First Century.

This modern-day incarnation of the Coracle offers a 360-degree open radius deck, unlike any other skiff. The ornithologist and angler will feel at home on this watercraft – imagine panoramic views of the Everglades and unrestricted access to the water’s surface. The Roundabout is entirely different from any other single-person boat on the market today, it offers unsurpassed views and access to the water.

The Roundabout moves stealthily atop the water. Their shallow draft hull allows maneuvering with ease in a few inches of water. Similar designs have been utilized in cave exploration. The World would remain unaware of the majestic Dan-Yr-Ogof cave if it weren’t for a Coracle-like watercraft. Additionally, this plastic boat braves the elements and withstands the test of time, much like its predecessor, the Coracle.

These small plastic boats are tough. They’re no longer fashioned of varnished wicker or covered in Buffalo hide. They’re easily stored in the bed of a pickup, or fit in Roundabout’s custom-made trailer. Additionally, these nifty little plastic watercraft possess ample storage for tackle and gear, as well as a storage for the battery (if you opt for the hefty electric motor). Starting at under $1200, who could resist purchasing the modern incarnation of the oldest seafaring vessel?

These boats are suited for all waters. Whether you plan to fish in tidal pools or swamps, the flat-bottom technology takes you there. The Roundabout provides ample deck space for pulling in your next big catch.


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