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Small Fishing Boats

By May 8, 2018January 27th, 2019Fishing, Small Boat Fishing
fishing in a round boat

Being on the hunt for a small fishing boat can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck by virtue of being the most flexible and transportable fishing platform. While kayaks have found a niche in this area of fishing, some of us still want something that can haul a bunch of gear, lets us stand up and move around, can take motor power, have a live well, bring a friend, and so on. Another ability for your chosen small fishing boat that you would want to consider is customizability.

What must a small fishing boat do?

Well, take you fishing of course! Ha, but sometimes the answer isn’t that simple. Most fishermen want a platform that will allow for tackle organization, a place for a cooler, a comfortable place to sit, the stability that allows not only safety in the chop but also a way to comfortably stand and fish (or just simply stretch your legs). In regards to small fishing boats specifically, we also add the need for easy transport, tight quarter access, and the specific ability to take us into multiple types of water safely and effectively.

From this baseline, we start adding options that aren’t found in all small fishing boats – but we would take if we could get them. This includes things such as being able to fit two people, run under either electric or gas power, be able to support the storage of large amounts of gear while keeping the deck clean and also have multiple transportation options.

A father and daughter fishing from a green round boat for bass while both on the boat at the same timeSmall Boat Fishing Gear Organization

Most fishermen want to bring a small assortment of fishing rods, a cooler, some personal items (including bug juice and sunglasses), at least one tackle box or several small Plano style boxes, pliers, nets, bait, safety equipment, fish finders, and so on. When most think of small fishing boats one would probably assume most of this is no longer part of your boating plan. However, the right small fishing boat can fit this bill and also do so much more. They do exist and they are not quite the unicorn you might think they are (in regards to finding them).

Two fisherman driving their round boats down a river

The Answer: Roundabout Watercraft’s

All of these needs was one of the primary reasons we developed the Roundabout Watercraft. The unique coracle design has been a proven method of on the water transport for thousands of years. We took that core principle and added to it.

The Carolina flare bow provides safety in the chop and a true way to maintain straight tracking.

The depth of its four storage compartments allows enough room for any small boat fisherman to bring gear, have room for a live well, and even have a battery compartment when using an electric trolling motor.

These boats are highly customizable with custom additions such as fish finders and even power pole anchor systems.

The hull has four rod holders and 4 cup holders.

These boats are extremely stable.

You can throw it in the back of your truck, use a hitch carrier, or give it its own custom trailer.

The list is truly endless.

friends fishing from a round boat with a two seat option


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