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Florida Fishing Basics

By November 15, 2018Fishing
Fisherman sight fishing from the deck of the Roundabout Watercrafts round boat

Undoubtedly, Florida is the World’s fishing capital. Florida offers 1,350 miles of saltwater coastline. This lengthy coastline is renowned for aquatic diversity – a myriad of differentiated habitats and species of fish rest along these golden shores. An unnumbered multitude of fish leap from Florida’s crystal clear waters! For this reason, it’s said that “Florida is the World’s favorite fishing spot.”

Florida should be dubbed the land of variety. Along the pristine and expansive coastline, anglers reel-in hundreds of exotic and delicious species of aquatic sea life. Florida’s estuaries are teeming with a variety of fish – Florida is home to 7,700 freshwater lakes and 10,550 miles of rivers. Inland and throughout the Everglades, fresh and saltwater mingle, creating one of the World’s most unique biomes.

It’s the variety of wildlife and unforgettable vistas that draw anglers to Florida. Get close to the primordial alligator along Kissimmee’s or Miami’s shores. Not a thrill seeker? Swim with a pod of dolphins along the Indian River Lagoon, Stuart, Sebastian or Titusville. Moreover, you may find your Zen offshore, near Islamorada, reeling-in Mahi or maybe it’s Tarpon in Miami. Florida offers a one-of-a-kind diverse ecosystem.

Often, too much attention is given to Florida’s saltwater angling; Florida’s freshwater vistas possess as much beauty as the state’s expansive beaches. The angler may find harmony floating under Fisheating Creek’s canopy of Cypress and Oak trees – Bass hide among the Cypress’s knobby knees. Moreover, Florida’s Suwannee River, famed in song, offers Class III rapids and unforgettable Bass fishing! Tallahassee’s Lake Talquin offers some of the World’s topmost Crappie fishing.

More world records have come from Florida’s waters than any other place in the World. For example, the largest Seatrout on record were reeled-in from Fort Pierce.

Florida is the World’s premier fishing destination offering a variety of fish that can be reeled-in from the globe’s most diversified Eco-system. Anglers regularly experience the thrill of reeling-in the big catch from Florida’s waters.


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