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Waterfowl Hunting with the Roundabout Watercraft’s Woodsman Boat

By October 2, 2017February 7th, 2018Boating, Hunting
The Roundabout Woodsman hunting boat in the treeline with hunting blind blending in for waterfowl

Fall around the country signifies the changing colors of leaves, cooler temps, and waterfowl hunting season in most areas. Waterfowl hunters rely on both utility and concealment when it comes to their waterfowl hunting boat – and the Roundabout Watercrafts Woodsman was designed with this in mind.

Whether it’s coastal marshes or backwater lakes, waterfowl season marks the time of year where heavily camouflaged boats manned by early risers begin to flood the boat ramps. Most waterfowl hunting boats have a few items in common:

  • Camouflage or Subdued Colors
  • A Blind/Camo Cover
  • The Ability to Traverse Shallow Waters/Obstacles

The Roundabout Watercrafts Woodsman adds the following benefits to waterfowl hunters:

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Quiet Approach to the Spot (with electric motor)
  • More of a shallow draft than conventional hunting boats
  • Transportability – even over land or obstacles while on the water
  • Generous underfoot storage
  • The ability to 360 degree hunt

Setting up the Woodsman for Waterfowl Hunting

The Woodsman already has a generous and diverse camo pattern on the hull from the factory. You can add silence to the deck by adding a Pre Cut Marine Mat kit. This is available in camo colors as well as flat subdued solid colors. The Marine Mat kit will take away the “thumps” and “bumps” that can occur on the boat hull during a day on the water.

A hunting blind will add a solid cover of concealment that will help you and your movement stay hidden from the eyes of incoming fowl. Roundabout Watercraft’s already has the best fitting version available for purchase for the Woodsman.

When hunting with a buddy, the Woodsman also lets you have one or two shooters, or one caller and one shooter. The 2 Seat upgrade will fit both hunters within the blind in comfort.

Transporting your Woodsman can be either by your truck bed, our trailer, your own trailer, or our hitch carrier kit.

The boat itself already has ample 360 degree storage underfoot. So, everything can be stowed and nothing cluttering the deck. Fit your decoys, drinks, blind materials, and the harvested fowl itself out of the way. You can also add some of your own camo (such as burlap and brush) to make concealment blend seamlessly within your own specific area.

waterfowl hunting with the woodsman

The Woodsman is also great for a cast and blast session, regular fishing trips, and recreational boat trips. So, if you’re looking for an easy to transport do-all sportsman boat, take a look at the Roundabout Watercraft’s Woodsman:


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