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Fishing Lakes and Ponds in Texas

By November 15, 2018Fishing
A father and daughter fishing from a green round boat for bass while both on the boat at the same time

Texas offers pristine freshwater fishing. The region’s lakes and ponds are renowned for a variety of marine life. Angler’s readily reels-in species like Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Pickerel, Perch, Panfish, Trout, even Salmon.

It’s not merely the variety of fish that makes Texas America’s premier freshwater angling destination; it’s the ecological diversity. Texas offers cliffs, shore banks, point and line breaks, piers, sunken objects, and spring holes.

A cliff that descends into the water that possesses an underwater shelf or slopes gradually toward deeper water attracts some of the region’s most sought-after species. For the best cliff fishing action, seek areas with rock formations at the base of the cliff – deep-water fish are attracted to these nooks while spawning. Look for a point that extends out from the shoreline. This structure slopes gradually down and into deeper water. It’s widely believed that points provide some of the region’s best fishing. Breaklines, the outward sloping formation created by a point, also draw in fish.

Springs holes are among Texans’ most treasured fishing hot spots. Water boiling up from the bottom of a lake creates a spring hole. During summer, deep-water fish are attracted to these holes because water near the surface is cooler. For the best spring hole fishing action, check water temps to locate the outer edge of the cold water zone.

Man-made objects, such as sunken vessels, provide unparalleled fishing opportunities. Trees, branches, logs, stumps and rocks create shelter for feeding and spawning fish. Large deep-water catches are often reeled-in along sunken trees or large rocks. Moreover, piers/docks provide an excellent opportunity to reel-in the next big catch. Piers/docks are where many fish come to feed. These manmade structures are home to a variety of plants, shellfish, and mussels.

One of the region’s most sought after catches, the Largemouth Bass, may be reeled-in along any of the aforementioned structures. However, Texas’s waters are teeming with a myriad of freshwater marine life. The combination of marine life and plentiful fishing opportunities. causes Texas to be a premier fishing destination.


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