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Fall Bass

By August 6, 2018Fishing
An angler holding a freshly caught bass on the deck of a round boat

An angler must become attuned to the seasons to reel-in Bass. Bass, much like the seasons, adhere to predictable cycles. To reel-in Fall Bass, think shallow. This may sound contradictory to everything you know about Bass fishing, however, these creatures dwell in shallow waters as they fatten up for Winter. Moreover, some the fattest Bass were reeled-in from skinny waters, during Fall.

Large Mouth Bass and Small Mouth Bass are among the angler’s best of Fall catalog. According to, Bass inhabit lakes and rivers that are plentiful in fresh water, although they are known to inhabit brackish waters as well. Moreover, during Fall, Bass tend to congregate along mossy inlets to prey on Minnow. Scott Stanton, a semi-pro angler, candidly describes Fall Bass fishing: “I’ve found that in a lot of lakes in the Fall, 90 percent of the Bass you’re after will be in 10 percent of the water (Gameandfishing.con).”

It’s essential to scour all but forgotten inlets to reel-in Fall’s harvest of Bass. According to Argumentativeness, Bass become more active during Fall and begin their yearly fattening for the Winter cycle. Although Summer Bass are the most predictable, Fall Bass are energetic and bite the bait often, it’s a matter of knowing where to look. “While prey can vary, shad are a primary forage source for bass in the Fall. Shad are known to migrate toward creeks and into coves in the Fall in search of plankton,” states Jerry Brown, a Fisheries Biologist.

Bass leap from the waters for Minnow, Crawfish, Night Crawlers, Jigs, Crank Baits, and Spinners. Fall Bass are energetic and bite the bait often. Finding and following schooling Bait Fish allows the angler to easily reel-in Fall’s harvest of Bass. Shad grow to 3 or 4 inches during October, the observant angler may easily spot and follow these schooling Bait Fish to Bass. Upon locating the target, site cast into the water!

Fall offers fat Bass. It’s undeniable that the observant angler will reap Bass from lakes and streams during the cooler months, it’s simply a matter of knowing where to look. Moreover, light-colored artificial lures attract the most Bass, especially those that resemble a Minnow.


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