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Angler’s Guide to Getting Your Child ‘Hooked’ on Fishing

By February 24, 2017February 27th, 2017Fishing, In the News
one man fishing boat

More than 38 million people in America are fans of hunting and fishing. What’s not to love about fishing? Going out on the water, connecting with nature and hoping to land ‘the big one’ — it’s the American dream.  We initially created our one man fishing boat as a result of this same drive to be on the water. If you love fishing, you’re probably hoping to pass the joy of the hobby onto your children. If you’re struggling to introduce fishing into your children’s lives, here are some ways to get started.

First, find your fishing spot. This may seem like a no-brainer, but having a designated fishing spot when you expose your child to fishing can make planning easier. Staying on land is perfectly acceptable, but your child will surely enjoy the experience of boarding a round boat, round watercraft, one man boat or 2 seater boat if you have one. After subsequent trips to your favorite fishing spot, your child is bound to appreciate the open water and quality time with you.

When your child has observed you enough to want to try on their own, introduce tools slowly and deliberately. Start with the rod, the hook, the fishing line, the bait, the sinker, and the bobber. If your child is still exceptionally young, they may be better off using a child’s play fishing rod as opposed to the real thing. It’s just a matter of using your best judgment. For a hassle-free fishing experience, opt for a no-tangle fishing pole.

Finally, it’s important to discuss safety when it comes time for your child to test their skills. Emphasize that the hooks are sharp and the rod should never be waved around. Also, teach them to make sure they’re clear from other anglers before they cast the rod. Additionally, until they’re older, teach them to come to you for baiting or removing a fish from the line. And do not forget to use a USCG certified pfd, fit for the child.

The real experience in teaching your child to fish comes when you take them out on a boat for the first time. Our one man fishing boat, the RWC or the Woodsman, both have a 2 seat option that would be great for a child ride along. As soon as they feel the breeze and take in all the elements of the great outdoors, they’ll be ‘hooked’ for life.


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