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Florida Waterfowl Hunting

By September 20, 2018November 2nd, 2018Hunting

Time spent afield, among Florida ’s pristine glades and forests, silently awaiting the arrival of flocking waterfowl is a state of Zen. Waterfowl appear against a blue sky as if an invisible magician pulled them from a hat, the hunter’s pulse quickens, he pulls the trigger and the target is relieved of the gift of flight. There’s no experience afield, with rod or gun, that compares with waterfowling Florida’s incredible vistas. Ready your shotgun, waterfowling season is upon us.

Florida’s waterfowling experts agree that the 2018/2019 hunting season will be a plentiful harvest. September commences the early hunting season and Florida’s state law allows for the harvest of Wood Ducks, Canada Ducks, and Light Geese. From September 27th until September 30th, the waterfowl hunter may bag one of Florida’s most beautiful avian, the Teal Duck, a small coffee-colored freshwater dweller. These graceful creatures are best bagged at dawn.

Duck hunters rise before the sun. Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation states that it’s lawful to hunt waterfowl half an hour prior to sunrise until half an hour after sunset. Dawn is when the Canada Goose, Teal, and Wood Duck flock above Florida’s Everglades. Among photographers, the diurnal hours (the twilight of dusk and dawn) are referred to as “the golden hours,” and to this maxim, the waterfowler responds “ditto.” It’s sitting afield, awaiting the arrival of waterfowl, that connects us to nature.

To capture W class waterfowl, Wood Ducks, Teal Ducks, and Canada Geese, the hunter must purchase a Federal Duck Stamp, states Florida’s Wildlife Commission. Moreover, it’s essential to check with the Wildlife Commission prior to keeping any game; each species possesses a daily bag limit.

Florida’s glades, freshwater lakes, and green woods are among the World’s topmost destinations for waterfowling. Florida’s East coast is known as the land the rising Sun; it’s where Mother Nature awakens the waterfowl with her gentle rays – a serene land to practice the elusive art of the duck call. Lastly, don’t forget to hunt safely!


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