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Fishing without Fossil Fuel

By November 24, 2017Boating
An angler with a fresh caught bass in a round boat

Fishing is a great way to pass the time. But getting to the fish is becoming more and more expensive. Fuel costs continue to rise and the cost of gasoline can cause anglers to miss out on days on the water. Fishermen are resourceful though, and have begun turning more and more to kayaks, canoes, sup’s and other small craft to pursue the fish without breaking the bank in fuel and upkeep for larger, more traditional fishing boats. Among the newer and perhaps less known designs are vessels based on a fishing vessel that has been around since antiquity, and yet is rarely known by modern anglers… the coracle.

The coracle is the traditional craft used by fishermen on the rivers in Wales in the United Kingdom. They are oval shaped bowl like vessels traditionally made out of a woven interlocking lattice work of willow reeds covered in animal skins. Lightweight and nimble, these small craft could be carried on the back of anglers and right to the water. From there, anglers would use a small one handed paddle to maneuver downriver, using their free hand for fishing.

The simple design can be found throughout the world’s freshwater lakes and rivers, with similar shaped craft found in Tibet, India and Vietnam. Modern companies are now creating innovative new small craft inspired by these ancient designs. Rotomolded plastics, fiberglass and other modern materials combined with the simplistic and effective old world simplicity of design are providing sport anglers with exciting new options for getting out on the water and catching fish. Today’s coracle inspired vessels often have extra features modern anglers want, like ample storage, stability, tunnel hulls and keels. What this makes for are new small, agile craft that can be paddled or easily propelled with a small battery powered trolling motor all in one boat.

Some of these new designs have mounts for small battery operated trolling motors as well. And many of the newer models are large enough to accommodate up to four passengers. These larger versions make wonderful platforms for free divers and even scuba divers, or for folks just looking to lounge around out on the water.

Tired of taking out kayaks and canoes? Want to try something a little more exotic for your next angling adventure? Then perhaps a coracle inspired vessel will fit the bill. Check them out here and see for yourself why these fantastic vessels would be perfect for all your angling needs!


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